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When you find yourself stuck in a legal bind, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. No matter what the case, you can trust James L McGehee, Attorney, to stand by your side. Well known throughout the Stayton area, he'll assist you with your legal needs from family law and bankruptcy to criminal law and DUIs. With sound advice, a great reputation and a determination to see that you receive the justice you deserve, James L McGehee is at your disposal. Call today for a confidential consultation, and you'll set yourself on the right course for accurate and affordable legal services that fit your needs. 

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If you want to enlist the services of an outstanding local attorney who knows the Stayton area inside and out, James L McGehee is the perfect attorney for you. He's worked in the area for years, so he understands your needs better than someone from the outside. He's built a great reputation for providing sound legal representation and advice, and he'll work hard to ensure that your case receives the best possible outcome.

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No matter what kind of legal trouble you're facing, James L McGehee is ready to take action. He specializes in a diverse range of legal services, including family law, bankruptcy law, criminal law, DUI law, business law and wills and probate law. From simple legal advice to complicated court cases, James L McGehee has the necessary perseverance to see your case all the way through to the best possible conclusion.

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So if you're in a legal bind and don't know where to turn, put your trust in the outstanding legal services of James L McGehee, Attorney. He won't rest until you receive the best possible outcome for your legal situation. Give us a call at 503-769-6325 to schedule your confidential consultation, and take the crucial first step towards freeing yourself of all your legal woes.
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